A Scottish Girl in Paris

Sunday, 6 September 2015

I did mention in my last post that things were going to be changing didn't I? Even I didn't expect my life to change as drastically as it has, but here I am writing this from my new home, in Paris. Yes, you did read that correctly, Paris. 

I'm going to be here for the next four months on a semester abroad as part of my third year of university. So naturally my main goal is going to be to be to acquire some of the effortlessly chic French style and of course, eat as many croissants and macarons as I possibly can. I can tell I'm going to be on a first name basis with my local bakery by the time I leave. (I may have already gone for a sneaky croissant break while typing this up.)

I've been here for exactly 10 days so far however I feel like I haven't been fully appreciating how much of an amazing opportunity this is going to be, not only do I get to study Fashion Design in one of the fashion capitals of the world, but I get to live in the centre of Paris, something a countless number of people aspire to do. I've been very wrapped up with missing those at home and all the small things that I take for granted while living at home. Who knew I would miss being able to pop round to the supermarket and pick up a tin of kidney beans in chilli sauce? Apparently tinned beans aren't as much of a thing in mainland Europe.

I'm slowly getting used to all the small things that make France so different to Scotland though. Hopefully once I start classes next week and get into a routine this new way of life will start to feel a little more normal. 

For now though, here are a few snaps I've taken since I arrived. Au revoir for now!

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