Kate Spade and Kimonos

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Kimono: H&M, Top: Zara, Shorts: Hollister Co. Shoes: Toms

This is one of my classic go-to outfits when on holiday. I wore it a lot when I was in Tenerife in March, so it goes without saying that I wore it a ton on my most recent trip away. Have I really been back for nearly three weeks!? I found that this kimono was great for going out to dinner or shopping when the inside air conditioning resembles the Antarctic. 

I should also mention the Kate Spade bag I'm using here. I picked it up the day before I took these photos at the Kate Spade Outlet store in Orlando (I may have actually left the store with two other bags, but that's beyond the point..). The outlet store has a really great selection of bags, at AMAZING prices! Most of the stock was discounted from the original price anyway, but there was an additional 40% off the entire store! Not to mention when my 15% student discount was applied and taking into consideration the US Dollar/British Pound currency conversion, it was too good a bargain to pass up. Combined with the fact I can never say no to a new handbag, it was a done deal. 


  1. I absolutely love this outfit and the photos!! :)


  2. nice! lovely look :)


  3. Canon ce petit look ! Le sac est adorable

  4. This is just beautiful, your kimono is utterly divine x