Style Spotlight #2 - Patterned Jogging Trousers

Friday, 20 June 2014

I feel it's time to officially declare my love for loose fitting printed trousers/joggers. Honestly though, what's not to love about them!? They look stylish, they're easy to wear, and best of all, they're just as comfortable as pyjamas!

I've collected a fair few pairs over recent months, gearing up for the summer, when it's slightly warmer and I can pair them with sandals. They might not be to everyones taste, but here are a selection of my favourite ones available from the high street at the moment.

All from Topshop, links below.

I feel like Topshop has been right on target with their offerings this season, and they seem to have the best selection and best variety in prints. I already own two similar pairs of trousers to those above, and they are probably some of my favourite items I've bought this year. I love the selection of prints they have. Previously I've always opted for tribal/tile print styles similar to the second pair but I'm currently eyeing up the more floral styles. In the words of Miranda Priestly, 'florals for spring, how groundbreaking'.

1. Topshop, Aztec Side Stripe Jersey Tapered Trousers, £28
A much bolder graphic style than I would typically go for, but I'm really drawn to these. If you feel bold enough to pull them off, then go for it! You'll look great.

2. Topshop, Mix diamond Tile Jersy Tapered Trousers, £28
My personal favourite of the ones above. I feel like with this style, you can't go wrong with monochrome. These would be especially great if you wanted to try out this trend without going for bold graphic prints in bright colours, and wanted a more sophisticated, subtle look.

3. Topshop, Poppy Shadow Woven Joggers, £35
I can foresee these being my next purchase. Imagine you have your sunglasses on, a black floaty cami top and some black block heel sandals, does it get any better? You'll look sophisticated and stylish, but you'll have the comfort of pyjamas. The ultimate dream.

4. Topshop, Palm Print Joggers, £35
I shouldn't love these, but I can't help it. Who can say no to a Hawaiian inspired print? Not me.


  1. I have the first ones and I love them SO much they are literally like wearing pj bottoms!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. These are so cute! I've really been wanting some! :)


  3. I'm definitely an addict when it comes to buying these. I love the comfinessss. The fourth ones are my favorite! Just the right fit :)
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