Folding and More Folding

Thursday, 27 February 2014

So today I felt like posting a little about the project I'm working on at the moment for art school as it's a major part of my life. It's called the 'Structures' project because we started by looking at a variety of local architectural structures and taking inspiration from them.

One particular idea of mine that I am working on a chevron pattern that can be seen as part of the image below. I love how detailed it looks and the repeat pattern aspect of it. At the moment I am just creating lots of panels of this form and then trying them out on a mannequin.

I'm not sure what my final piece is going to end up looking like. Originally I had planned to have a body con skirt style, with a large rounded poncho/cape idea on the top but now my ideas are evolving and I don't know where they're headed. Maybe I'll post some images of my original design sketches. Below are two arrangements I'm playing with at the moment, I especially love the high necked style of the one on the right. I'm excited to see what my final piece will be.

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